All About Green Tea

Full of Antioxidants and flavour, Green Teas are a collection of feel good teas

What are Green teas?

Green tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, as all other tea types but it's how the tea leaves are processed that gives this tea its flavour. With Green tea, the picked leaves are dried and not left to oxidise so retain the green colour. 

Where is Green Tea from?

Green tea is from China or Japan, depending on the country of origin affects the way the tea is processed and how it then tastes. Japanese tea tends to be steamed dry, whilst Chinese teas are pan-fried.

Flavoured or not?

Our Green tea collection features pure green tea and flavoured green tea.

We've selected some of the best pure green tea for taste and leaf quality.

Our flavoured green tea incorporates fruit, herbs & floral flavours to enhance the tea and add an amazing taste. 

Is Green tea healthy?

Green tea is very popular with great taste and numerous health benefits, the way the tea leaves are processed helps retain the goodness and antioxidants making it the healthiest of all tea.