Black Loose Leaf Tea

These are pure teas, also known as single estate teas, are from one tea growing region and are recognised for their premium quality. In this collection of black teas you will find teas from India, China and Sri Lanka. Depending on where the tea is produced it will taste different because of the climate, soil and environment. Indian teas tend to be stronger in taste whilst teas from China and Sri Lanka tend to be lighter and have less tannin. The picked tea leaves are left to fully oxidise, turn brown, allowing the strong malty flavour to form and the dark colour.

These teas make up the blends such as English Breakfast or Russian Caravan. Assam, Ceylon and Kenya are all used to make the most popular tea, English Breakfast.

Pure teas are great for exploring loose leaf teas in a greater depth from which region you prefer the taste of to how you like to take the tea and how long to infuse for.

We recommend these teas are brewed for 3-5 minutes and you can add milk and sugar to your preferred taste.