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Imagine going to the tea cupboard and your favourite morning loose leaf tea is gone! Your day would be ruined, getting on our website to place an order would be your priority but you have the kids to get to school, the dishwasher needs emptying and you need to get to work! Before you know, its the morning again and still no tea!! Nightmare. 

Let us help solve this with subscribe and save.

You'll save 15% on your tea and each month you will received your favourite Loose Leaf Tea without having to do anything and here's how:

  • Find your favourite loose leaf tea
  • Select the packet size and quantity
  • Choose the Subscribe & save option
  • Add to cart
  • The discount will be added to your shopping cart
  • Go to checkout and complete payment as normal
  • Your tea will be posted out ASAP
  • The following month, you will receive the same order again without you needing to do anything. Your payment will be made automatically.