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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Here's why we love it so much.

With so many varieties from all aound the world, the choice is vast.

The strength of Loose Tea can be adjusted to your taste.

A superior taste produced from large leaves for the full depth of flavour.

It's environmentally friendly, containing no plastic and the used leaves are great for the garden.

And tastes amazing with a big slice of cake!

Loose Leaf Tea contains no plastic.

Over the past few year’s teabags have recieved really bad press for containing plastic. This can take years to break down completely. Loose Tea removes this problem and is the best for the environment and you.


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Tea Repeat - Coffee Repeat

Does the prospect of running out of your favourite loose leaf tea keep you awake at night? Then this plan is for you. Available across our whole tea and coffee range, we send your order on a regular basis decided by you.

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Monthly Tea box

Sign up to this box and recieve a surprise collection of 2x 50g bags of tea and a sample size. A great way to try new teas delivered directly to you in a letterbox friendly box.

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