Summer Collection

The Great British Summer - whatever the weather it's all about the great outdoors & picnics, sporting events like tennis, family holidays & BBQs. And of course Tea and Cakes.

We've put together all our favourite summer inspired tea thats fruity, floral and delicious.

Summer Tea

This Loose Leaf Tea is as beautiful to drink as it is to look at. The aroma of tropical fruits and flower petals make this an inviting cup of tea. This loose leaf tea is Perfect hot and also great cold brewed.

Lemon Loose Leaf Tea

Fresh, zesty and zingy this tea is the perfect summer drink. Lovely hot but also great as an iced tea in a glass filled with slices of citrus fruit.

Carnival Loose Leaf Tea

This Green Tea is blended with Mango, Passionfruit & Guave to make a totally tropical taste! The aroma is delicious and so is the taste.

Passionfruit & Orange Fruit infusion

No tea in this drink just crammed full of fruit waiting to explode all the flavour into your cup! The tropical, citrusy aroma and taste makes for the perfect summer drink.