About us

All about Teaspoon tea company 

Hello, we're Lance and Pamela aka 'teaspoon'

We started our brand new business in Feb 2014, and opened the shop in March. We created teaspoon to be a modern teashop serving a great selection of loose leaf tea. Along with cakes and scones we had a small section selling packets of loose leaf tea for customers to enjoy at home. 

Lance and Pam outside Westgate shop

Pam & Lance ouside their first shop.


After 5 years we moved to a bigger shop on Grantham High Street which enabled us to split the shop and cafe. We  increased our loose leaf tea selection from one size packet to 4 along with packing all the tea in-house.  The shop also became a destination for all thing tea and gifts, with lots more teapots and homeware.

We currate our tea collection ourselves from the UK's finest tea merchants and brokers. The vast selection of loose leaf teas available, ensures you'll find a tea you haven't come across before.


The current shop on Grantham High street


During Covid we worked really hard to find eco friendly solutions to all the tea products we sell. We sourced packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable along with labels that are recyclable.