Curve Teapot White


The classic white teapot will always be a popular choice. This teapot has a removable infuser and a sealed around the lid to keep it securely in place when you pour your tea.

See the teapot in action here

Curve Teapot Features:

  • Fine mesh Infuser
  • Silicon gasket lid
  • 2-4 cups 700ml (24oz)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size L 20.3 cm x W 13.3 cm x H 13.9 cm

How to use:

  • Remove lid and add a teaspoon of tea per person
  • Pour over boiling water and replace lid.
  • Leave to infuse for the time stated on the packed of tea.
  • When ready carefully remove the infuser to stop the tea from stewing
  • Replace lid and pour into cups, enjoy.


Empty tea leaves into compost, the garden or the bin. Rinse the infuser and the teapot and dry. Dishwasher safe too.