The Four Season Tea Box


Our most popular teas is this collection of season, full of flavour and they look pretty too.  Not just for the season we are in but each can be enjoyed throughout the year depending on your mood. Want a gently spiced warming hug of a tea? then winter is for you, or maybe a tropical flavour to brighten your day? Summer tea is the one.

This tea box contains 50g of each tea.

It's a great gift to any flavoured tea lover, or a treat for yourself. 

  • Spring tea - Black tea with blackcurrant and heather blossoms
  • Summer tea - Black tea with flower petals and blossoms and tropical flavouring
  • Autumn tea - Black tea with Redcurrant and safflower
  • Winter tea - Black tea with orange, clove, almonds, hibiscus and flower petals.

This gift box contains NUTS.