Flavoured Loose Leaf Tea Sample Box


Flavoured teas are so popular and are great to enjoy at anytime of the day, week or year. If you're looking to tickle your tastebuds, these teas have been blended with fruit, spice, petals and flavourings to create delicious teas that not only taste great but looks beautiful too.

Looking for a tea gift for someone who loves flavoured teas?  Then a sample tea box is for you.

We have added a tea infuser bag to get you started.

Loose leaf tea sample box - flavoured tea 

Tea box contains:

  • Chia Spice
  • Spring Tea
  • Summer Tea
  • Autumn Tea
  • Winter Tea
  • Grantham Tea
  • Blue Lady
  • Chocolate Tea
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Arctic Fire

How to use:

Put 1 teaspoon of the loose tea in the infuser bag and place in a mug and pour over boiling water. All these teas need infusing for 3 minutes.

After use, empty the tea out of the infuser bag into the compost or bin, rinse and reuse.