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Look at that lovely tea

Just look at all that lovely tea sitting on the shelves of our Grantham Teashop, 47 in all. Our Loose Leaf Tea is tasted over and over again by customers in our Teashop so you can buy online with confidence.  We opened our Teashop in 2014 and created our Loose Leaf Tea brand.  We've two Breakfast teas in our range, English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.  We've Black Tea, Blended Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured tea, Fruit Tea and Herbal Tea. Plus there's even a Grantham Tea, with Apricot and Ginger.  It's all Loose Leaf Tea, not a Teabag in sight

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Its Back, Moon Palace Chun Mee returns to our range

After an absence of six months or so we're happy to welcome back one of a favourite green teas.  No.24 Moon Palace Chun Mee is back,  Chun Mee or Precious Eyebrow as it roughly translates to is a delicate green with hints of plum.  Enjoy after a Chinese meal or anytime to like.

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We don't just do tea you know

We don't just do tea you know. We've a great selection of whole bean coffees to buy for home, including 'Gems of Araku' from India and 'Altura Lavado' from Cuba. Our Milano blend Italian style coffee, the one we serve in our Grantham Teashop is also available in whole bean and ground.  Take a look at 'The Coffee' now.

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