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A guide to the number of servings in a packet of tea.

Oct 03, 2023Pamela Merryweather

How many serving of tea will one packet of loose leaf tea give me? 

This is one of the most asked questions we get, so here's a little guide to explain our packet sizing.

You can buy our Loose Leaf Tea in packets and tubs; we sell by weight not volume and so it can be tricky to know how many servings you'll get. We’ve worked out that our teas fall into 3 categories, Medium weight teas, Lightweight teas & Heavyweight teas.

Using a standard teaspoon or measure spoon we have got the scales out and measured each tea. Here's how many servings you'll get.

Medium weight teas

These are the most popular teas in our collection,  Blended Tea, Black Tea, Flavoured Tea, Green Tea, Oolongs, will weigh approximately 2 grams on a standard teaspoon. Our packets of loose leaf tea are in the following sizes:

50g = 25 servings
100g = 50 servings
200g = 100 servings
500g = 250 servings


Lightweight teas

The following teas are very light but 1 teaspoon will be enough to you a cup of tea full of flavour. These teas tend to be more expensive but you'll get more cups of tea from a packet.

Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needles, Lung Ching Dragonwell, Camomile, Nettle, Peppermint

Servings using 1 teaspoon of tea, approximately 1 gram

50g = 50 servings
100g = 100 servings
200g = 200 servings


Heavyweight teas

This collection of teas tend to be fruit infusions or in tightly rolled balls causing them to be heavier. Oolong teas can be re infused a number of times so the serving increase. 

Decaffeinated, Dong Ding Oolong, Milk Oolong, Carnival Tea, Red Berries, Passionfruit & Orange, Spiced Apple

Servings using 1 teaspoon of tea, approximately 3 grams

50g = 15 servings
100g = 30 servings
200g = 60 servings
Because loose leaf tea is loose, the amount you use can be adjusted to taste. Add more if you need a stronger flavour or less if you prefer a more subtle taste. The beauty of loose tea is that it enables you to create your perfect cup of tea. Be adventurous, try new flavours, blends and even mix teas together. 

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