Stump White Teapot 2 cup

Classic white teapot


Stump Loose leaf Teapot Features:

  • Capacity: 530 ml
  • Size: L 17 cm x W 11.4 cm x H 9.5 cm
  • Dishwasher Safe. 
  • Ceramic Teapot.
  • Stainless Steel infuser.  
  • Available in lots of colours.


    White Stump Loose Leaf Teapot

    A loose leaf teapot is the perfect way to make tea from your favourite loose leaf tea. Inside the teapot is a removable infuser, that has a little handle to help you remove it safely .

    The infuser contains the tea leaves and keeps them from getting into your teacup. We recommend that you remove the infuser once your tea has brewed because this stops the tea from over brewing.

    Features of our Stump Teapot

    • This teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser, the mesh is ultra fine and will stop the finest of loose teas from getting into your teacup.
    • The infuser also features a plastic handle that is used to remove or replace the infuser from the teapot. This is an important feature as it makes it safe and easy to remove which we always recommend to stop the tea from over-brewing. (Please be careful of the hot tea when removing!)
    • The lid of the teapot is attached by a hinge above the handle that can be easily flipped back with your thumb. This enables easy filling and never missplacing the lid.

    About Stump Teapots

    The stump teapots are designed by a lifestyle company in America called FORLIFE. The brand is known for its simple but functional design and have created the Stump Teapot, a minimal and modern design.

    The simple and timeless shape is comfortable in the hand and all their teapots share the following traits:

    1. Drip-less spout
    2. Secure lid
    3. Design to brew various types of teas

    How to use a loose leaf teapot.

    • This stump teapot is a 2 cup size, place 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea in the infuser inside the teapot.
    • Pour boiling water into the teapot until the water has reached just below the top of the infuser. Over filling will cause the teapot to drip when poured. Its always best to underfill the teapot.
    • Leave the tea to infuse for the correct time for that tea.
    • Remove the infuser, being careful of the hot water, using the plastic handle. We always recommend removing the infuser to stop the tea from over brewing.
    • Put the lid down and pour into your awaiting cups, add milk and sugar if needed and enjoy.

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