Loose leaf Tea Types

Have you ever wondered where to start with loose leaf tea? The choice and selection can make the decision complicated and even make you give up and stick to your usual teabag tea. But with a little knowledge you can try a new tea and be confident it will be something you like.

In the table below are all our tea types / collections and their taste profiles, brew times and if you should add milk.

 Tea Type

Taste profile


Milk or not

Blended Tea Malty, Builders tea, Strong, Earthy 3-5 minutes Yes
Black Tea Strong, malty, bright, smoky, mellow 3-5 minutes Yes
Green Tea Grassy, Mellow, Earthy,  2 minutes No
Oolong Tea  Unusual, grassy, mellow, smooth,

3-5 minute, the leaves can be re infused a number of times

White Tea Delicate, pale colour, subtle taste 3-5 minutes in boiling water allowed to cool for 5 minutes No
Flavoured tea Black tea base with floral, spice or fruit flavours 3-5 minutes No
Herbal Infusions Caffeine free, earthy, fragrant, medicinal  5 minutes No
Fruit Infusions All Fruit, berry, citrus or spice. 5 minutes No


This is a brief guide, with more information on the tea type page and the tea page, so dive in.