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No.9 Assam Phulbari Estate

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Tea tasting notes

  • From the Phulbari estate in Indian that dates back to 1897.
  • A malty and strong black tea.
  • Dark, rich colour.


Assam tea is a well known black tea, used in many tea blends. Our Assam Phulbari is an excellent example of an Assam tea, from an estate that dates back to 1897, they know how to grow tea! Giving a strong and malty taste that is flavourful and perfect at any time of the day. Choose this tea if you like strong breakfast tea and are looking to expand your tea collection. 

How to drink

1.Place 1 teaspoon of tea per person in an infuser.
2.Infuse the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes.
3.Remove the infuser.
4.Add milk and sugar if desired.