No.32 Kenya Purple Loose Leaf Tea

  • Kenya Purple Tea has a uniquely sweet and slightly fruity flavour, making it a delicious addition to your tea collection.
  • Using selective breeding and a number of years of tinkering, the tea growers of Kenya have produced Purple tea from a cultivar of Camellia Sinensis, (that's the same plant all tea comes from).
  • The leaves of the purple tea plants are full of some very powerful antioxidants that are said to provide a range of health benefits.
  • Kenya purple tea isn't a strong tea, it's full of flavour and should be enjoyed without milk.  Use a teaspoon per serving and steep for 3 minutes. If you add a slice of lemon to the cup, the tea will change colour to a pale purple!
Taste  Delicate, sweet flavour
Ingredients  Black tea, contains caffeine
Add  Add a squeeze of lemon to change the colour to a soft pink/purple
Brew  infuse for 3-5 minutes in boiling water.

1 teaspoon of tea per person.

Place in an infuser teapot or cup infuser.

Pour over hot water.

Leave to infuser for the time stated on the packet.

Remove infuser.

Add milk or sugar if desired

Sit back and enjoy you cup of loose leaf tea.

The packets are resealable and will biodegrade.

Packets can be used to refill your own tea caddy.

This is a rough guide as the tea varies in weight. Tea is measured by a standard teaspoon which hold around 2-3 grams of loose leaf tea.

50g packet = 15-25 cups

100g packet = 30-50 cups

200g packet = 65-100 cups

500g packet = 160-250 cups

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