Curve Tall Infuser Mug - Red

Tea Mug for the perfect teatime. 

Do you find that you wonder off when making a cup of tea only to return and its over brewed and cold? then this is the tea mug of you. This tea mug has an infuser and multi function lid that makes tea times easy when brewing loose leaf tea. You can take the mug with you reducing the forgotten tea situation, making it great for home and work. The lid is also a drip tray for the infuser to rest on once the tea is infused and the fine mesh is great for all teas. 

  • Size 443 ml.
  • L 13.9 cm x W 9.2 cm x H 13.0 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable extra fine stainless steel infuser

To use:

  1. Remove lid, place loose leaf tea in infuser, pour over hot water,
  2. Replace lid if and infuse tea for required time,
  3. When ready, remove lid and infuser placing it on the lid and enjoy your cup of tea.