Environmental & Sustainability

What we're doing to be a more Eco-Friendly business.

As a business it is important that we consider the way we impact the environment. Have a read below about all we're doing to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly small business.

Our Packaging

Tea Tubs

  • Our tea tubs have an external paper wrap that is made from a sustainable virgin pulp.
  • The Internal cardboard core of our Tea Tubs is made from recycled material
  • Our Tea Tubs are Vegan and therefore no animal products are used in the manufacturing process.
  • The glue used in the construction is an Eco-Friendly Glue
  • Our Tea tubs can be recycled, but most important to us here at Teaspoon Tea Co is you can re-use them. Simply buy refill pouches and top them up with our lovely loose leaf.
  • The labels used on our loose leaf tea packaging are recyclable, printed with water based ink and use vegan glue.

 Tea Pouches

  • You can buy a small refill pouch to top up your Tea Tub or a larger pouch if you have a favourite tea. Consider buying one 200g bag instead of two 100g bags, this will save you money and save packaging.
  • Our Loose Leaf Tea pouches are biodegradable have been tested and certified as fully compostable and decompose in around ten weeks.
  • Our pouches are plastic free, constructed from Kraft paper with a starch film inner barrier. Even the zipper will biodegrade in time.
  • Our Biodegradable pouches should be deposed of in compostable food waste refuse bins if available from your local authority, if not available, please landfill responsibly.
  • The labels used on our tea pouches are manufacture from recyclable paper, printed with water based ink and use vegan glue.


  • Our internet deliveries are posted in cardboard boxes made from FSC certified cardboard from responsible managed sources.
  • All our parcels are packaged using Plastic-Free kraft paper tapes.
  • When sending Loose Leaf Tea, we try NOT to use additional fill materials in our packaging, however when sending larger items we do use recycled fill materials.
  • We only use the Royal Mail for our internet deliveries.
  • The Royal Mail has the lowest report carbon emissions per parcel of any major delivery company in the UK.
  • Many local post office delivery vehicles (Including in our hometown of Grantham) are now Electric Powered.
  • Many deliveries are made without using vehicles at all.
  • With the Royal Mails unique network of On-Foot postmen & women making too the door deliveries.


Further Sustainability efforts

We are always looking at ways of reducing our Carbon footprint here at Teaspoon Tea Co.

  • The Electricity in our Grantham Head Quarters is supplied by Octopus Energy, Octopus are the UKs largest supplier of Carbon Neutral electricity.
  • We make a real effort to turn off lights when a room is not in use.
  • We chose our local Authority to collect commercial waste over larger waste collection companies as a greater emphasis was made of recycling. Provided with a dedicated recycling bin, all recyclable waste generated by our business is collected weekly. We make considerable effort to reduce landfill waste.