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Chatsford Teapot, Green

Chatsford Teapot, Green

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  • Removes the need for a conventional tea strainer.
  • Allows the tea to expand and infuse properly.
  • Enable the leaves to be removed from the pot the moment the tea is ready.
  • Quick and easy clean up.
  • Fine mesh that wont let tea leaves through, even the fine leaves of peppermint.


The Chatsford teapot is our teapot of choice to use in the teashop. With its fine mesh infuser and classic design it is servicing tea to our customers on a daily basis. It works well with all our teas from breakfast teas to herbals and white teas. There are 2 sizes to chose from and 5 colours, all with a glossy glaze.


All pots and strainers are dishwasher safe.