No.20 Dong Ding Oolong Tea

  • Oolong teas are the best in the world. Halfway between Green and Black tea, they have complex flavours that will take your tea tastebuds to the next level.
  • Dong Ding means icy summit, the name of the mountains in Taiwan where these tea plants originate from.
  • Infuse for 3 minutes and keep the leaves. Oolong tea can be reinfused a number of times bringing a new dimension to each brew. 
Taste  Nutty, grass flavour with a floral taste and smooth finish
Ingredients  Oolong tea, contains caffeine
Add  Best without milk or sugar
Brew  infuse for 3-5 minutes in boiling water
    Bag Size

    1 teaspoon of tea per person.

    Place in an infuser teapot or cup infuser.

    Pour over hot water.

    Leave to infuser for the time stated on the packet.

    Remove infuser.

    Add milk or sugar if desired

    Sit back and enjoy you cup of loose leaf tea.

    The packets are resealable and will biodegrade.

    Packets can be used to refill your own tea caddy.

    This is a rough guide as the tea varies in weight. Tea is measured by a standard teaspoon which hold around 2-3 grams of loose leaf tea.

    50g packet = 15-25 cups

    100g packet = 30-50 cups

    200g packet = 65-100 cups

    500g packet = 160-250 cups

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