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What is Grantham Tea?

To explain the thinking behind Grantham Tea we must first tell you about Grantham Gingerbread.

Grantham Gingerbread is England's oldest biscuit recipe. It is over 276 years ago since this gorgeous biscuit was first made in the town and we continue to bake this world famous recipe using the same love, respect and secret recipe that was used back in 1740! The flavour of ginger is very subtle and the heat from it gentle warms the tongue.

Its that same subtle ginger taste you get from our Grantham Tea, a warmth that builds with every sip. The tea its self is a large leaf black tea and we’ve added chunks of Ginger, dried Apricot and a little Pineapple sweetener. The Apricot adds a fruitiness to the taste and the aroma.

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The tea can be enjoyed without milk, with milk and as a tea Latte, we add some Gingerbread syrup to this one.

Grantham Tea Latte