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Pour Over Coffee Explained

Pour Over coffee with a Gooseneck Pouring Kettle and Glass Drip Filter is a stripped-back method inspired by Japanese brewing techniques. This Pour Over brewing method is slow-brew technique that will cultivate a fully-developed flavour and body to your favourite coffee. In this Pour Over method, fresh coffee grounds are added to a filter and placed over a carafe – preferably glass for maximum theatrical impact, see our Premium double walled glass drip filter. Water brought to the boil is decanted into a Gooseneck Pouring Kettle and steadily poured over the coffee grounds, rather than flooding the filter, a measured amount of water is used over several minutes.Decanting boiling water into the Gooseneck Pouring Kettle will also manage the temperature to...

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Cast Iron Teapots

What Are the Benefits of a Cast Iron Teapot? Cast Iron Teapots are very hard-wearing and can withstand more knocks than ceramic and glass teapots, meaning they should last much longer than conventional ceramic or glass teapots.Cast iron is a better heat conductor than ceramic or glass. Once your Loose Leaf Tea has brewed and the infuser is removed your tea will stay hotter for longer.They look great! A big draw of cast iron teapots is the traditional aesthetic. Immediately different to standard ceramic pots, Cast Iron Teapots create a unique table service. What Tea Can I Brew in a Cast Iron Teapot? All Loose Leaf Teas or if you wish, teabag teas can be brewed in a Cast Iron...

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Victorian Christmas Market

The 17th and 18th of November sees our return back in time to the reign of Queen Victoria.  Stoke Rochford Hall, just south of Grantham is the venue for a Victorian Christmas Market.  We'll have all our Loose Leaf Tea available to buy plus Teapots, Infusers, Strainers and Tea and Coffee making equipment perfect for this modern world.

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TripAdvisor Highly Recommend

Our Teashop is number 1 in Grantham on TripAdvisor for Coffee and Tea (I know that should be Tea and Coffee) and fourth in the whole of Lincolnshire.  If you like you tea with cake or a sweet scone we think you should give us a visit.  All the Loose Leaf Teas we sell here on our website are available to try before you buy a bag for home.  As well as tea we also serve really great Italian coffee. 

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Look at that lovely tea

Just look at all that lovely tea sitting on the shelves of our Grantham Teashop, 47 in all. Our Loose Leaf Tea is tasted over and over again by customers in our Teashop so you can buy online with confidence.  We opened our Teashop in 2014 and created our Loose Leaf Tea brand.  We've two Breakfast teas in our range, English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.  We've Black Tea, Blended Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured tea, Fruit Tea and Herbal Tea. Plus there's even a Grantham Tea, with Apricot and Ginger.  It's all Loose Leaf Tea, not a Teabag in sight

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