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How To Use A Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Dec 12, 2023Lance Merryweather

Want to know a really simple way to get the very best loose leaf tea experience in a single cup? Are you worried that switching to loose leaf tea from the trusty teabag will be a right faff? Then, read on and we’ll show you that with the right equipment, you can make the perfect cup of tea.

In the olden days.

In the olden days loose leaf tea would be brewed in a teapot and then when ready poured into cups.  The problem was that some of the leaves would make their way out of the teapot spout and into the cup.  This wasn’t very nice, and people would get a bit upset about it; This problem was part of the reason teabags were invented.  Now there is such a thing as a tea strainer, we sell them, tea strainers are great if you have a favourite teapot and want to make multiple cups of loose leaf tea.  But there is another way!

Meet the Cup Infuser.

The Cup Infuser is a deep, large diameter device that is often made from stainless steel mesh or has tiny holes drilled in it.  The large diameter allows the largest leaf tea space to move around in the water, steeping out all that lovely flavour.  A cup infuser will either sit resting on the sides of your cup or the bottom of your cup depending on the size. The cup infuser comes with a lid that when turned upside down doubles as a drip tray.

Advantages of a Cup Infuser.

Now we know what a a tea strainer is, why have one? Well loose leaf tea need a certain amount of room expand and release the flavour. The common teabag is flat so restricts the movement of the leaves. The manufacturers combat this by finely chopping the tea leaves up in to tiny pieces. If you think of the infuser as a fancy teabag then you can see the way it works. Larger tea leaves give more flavour, greater variety and the best quality.

So, how do I use a cup infuser?

8 steps to a cup of tea.

  1. Select your favourite teacup.
  2. Select your favourite Loose Leaf Tea.
  3. Place the Cup Infuser in the teacup with the lid removed.
  4. Using a teaspoon measure out your tea and place it in the infuser.
  5. Fill the teacup / Cup infuser with Boiling water and put the infuser lid on.
  6. Wait for the appropriate time for the tea to infuse.
  7. Once your tea is infused, remove the infuser from the cup, inverting the lid and placing it under the Cup Infuser to catch any drips.
  8. Enjoy your freshly brewed Loose Leaf Tea


With a cup infuser, you can be back in front of the TV before the Ad-Break finishes and because many cup infusers come with a lid, you'll have somewhere to put your infuser when you take it out of your cup.

Cup Infusers make for a really simple way to get the very best loose-leaf tea experience in a single cup. Whether you’re drinking Black Tea, Green Tea or Herbal Tea don’t worry, switching to loose-leaf tea is so easy with a cup infuser.  A Cup Infuser is the perfect tea accessories for drinking Loose Leaf Tea. Shop our collection here.


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