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5 Things You Need To Know About Green Tea

Jul 08, 2024Pamela Merryweather
1. How Green Tea is made:
  • Green tea is picked and processed on the same day. This is to preserve the flavour because any delay can change and worsen the flavour of the tea.
  • Once picked the leaves are laid out to keep them fresh and cooler to keep them fresh.
  • Next the leaves are steamed, this stops the fermentation of the leaves maintaining the green colour and stopping them from oxidising, turning brown.
  • Next the leaves are cooled but they still contains moisture, so they are rolled to remove the remaining water. Depending on the tea, the leaves will have multiple rollings to bring the moisture down when they are finally dried.
2. How to make a cup of Green Tea:
  • Green tea can taste light, floral, grassy, astringent and mellow depending on where it is from and how it is made. Finding the perfect Green tea of your taste is all about taste testing. Knowing what you don't like will help you discover what you prefer and with lots to choose from you'll have lots of fun.
  • trying.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of tea per person, and pour over nearly boiling water. 
  • Allow to infuse for 2 minutes, this gives the tea leaves chance to release their flavour. 
  • Remove the infuser after 2 minutes, this stops the green tea from tasting bitter and drying.
  • Enjoy without milk or sugar.
3. Flavoured or Plain Green tea?
  • Green tea is so popular at the moment whether you choose a plain or flavoured tea. Plain green teas will give you the fresh taste associated with this tea type. 
  • Flavoured Green teas add fruit, floral, herbs to the leaves to enhance the tea and make it more appealing.

4. Where do Green Teas come from?

  • Grown mainly in China and Japan 
  • China Green teas are mainly pan-fried whilst Japanese teas are steam dried creating different flavours and tastes to the teas.

5. Who would like Green Tea?

  • Green tea is grassy and mellow in flavour and are great if you love your tea without milk.
  • Green tea contains caffeine and is perfect to give you a boost during the day.
  • Green tea is full of health benefiting antioxidants, helping to maintain a healthy body.  


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